Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona!


Message from the Associate Provost

As a transfer student myself, I know first-hand many of the struggles that come with navigating community college and successfully transferring to a four-year university. I also recognize the tremendous assets you bring to our campus community. At CPP, the transfer student population is rapidly increasing. These days transfer students make up almost half of all enrolling students.

Due to this increase, we launched the PolyTransfer Initiative in 2014.Our goal is to help transfer students make a seamless and succesful transition to CPP, and provide opportunities for engagement while you're here. I hope you find all the necessary information on our website. Please feel free to contact our office if you should have any questions.

We are transfer students! We are CPP!


Dr. S. Terri Gomez, Associate Provost for Student Success, Equity and Innovation