Office of the President

2020-21 President's Scholars

Kelsey Conroy

Kelsey Conroy

Lowell Overton President’s Scholar

Major: Psychology

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

University Programs: Brain Network Lab researcher 

Kelsey Conroy’s work in Cal Poly Pomona’s Brain Network Laboratory ignited her interest in the areas of memory in psychology. Kelsey changed her career focus from the medical field after an injury forced her to stop working, putting her on a different path that would still equip her with the skills necessary to help others. “The education I am receiving in psychology has given me a deeper understanding of how humans manage their emotions and allows me to dig deeper into caring for individuals in a way I was incapable of before,” Kelsey says. With Dr. Robert Blumenfeld, Kelsey is working on research related to Alzheimer disease, and considers the experience in the lab, with professors such as Dr. Lori Barker, as foundational to her goal to obtain her master’s and Ph.D. in clinical psychology to counsel those suffering from strokes, brain injuries, or dementia. She provides ABA therapy as a behavioral therapist, fosters animals, and works at the equestrian center Riverside Rancheros. Hoping to inspire her younger siblings to “believe in their abilities and follow their wildest dreams,” Kelsey wants to teach at a university to provide the same engagement and motivation she has received at Cal Poly Pomona.