Office of the President

2020-21 President's Scholars

Cynthia Magin

Cynthia Magin

Gwen Evans La Bounty President’s Scholar

Major: Early Childhood Studies

College of Education and Integrative Studies

University Programs: Children’s Center 

Cynthia Magin is inspired by her parents who instilled the importance of an education that makes a difference in people's lives. She is committed to providing a foundation for children’s development that includes cognitive, socio-emotional, literacy, and physical growth. She is motivated to assist households to provide early educational support, which she says will enrich families and “ripple in patterns that allow growth altogether for the community.” Cynthia gives time back to her community; she works as a college intern at the Pomona Unified School District, volunteered with City of Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval’s political campaign, works in a Washington Elementary School preschool class, and participates in the Bright Prospect program, which empowers low-income students to attend and graduate from four-year universities. Her experiences strengthen her focus on advocating for children’s educational journeys. At Cal Poly Pomona’s Children’s Center, Cynthia’s early childhood practicum has been a valued resource, which deepened her experiences in early intervention programs, occupational therapy, and children's mental health. Cynthia plans to be a childcare center director and is grateful that the President’s Scholars recognition allows her to pursue service-learning and research opportunities.