Office of the President

2020-21 President's Scholars

Amanda Penicks

Amanda Penicks

Albert Zoraster President’s Scholar

Major: Agricultural Science

Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture  

University Programs: Secretary for both the Los Robles Horticulture Club and the Agriculture Council, Agriculture Biology member 

Amanda Penicks’ interests in agricultural science includes teaching photography, entomology, and animal care in 4-H, a youth development and mentoring organization she has been involved with since childhood. “Being a part of this organization aided me in finding my passion in science and I want to provide that same opportunity to others. Learning doesn’t stop as a youth, and I am always learning different teaching methods and strategies to help with providing that spark and building comprehension.” Inspired by her major’s value in career readiness, she worked as a laboratory field intern at a medical entomology facility and as a horticultural exterminator at Disneyland, which gives her the experiences needed to become a vector ecologist, her dream career. Amanda says that her mom is a major supporter whose encouragement helps her to overcome any obstacle and to view them as learning experiences that can be used for life. Amanda says gratefully that “the scholarship will bring me closer to my goal of acquiring a career in the science field to better serve the community as well as the environment.”