Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is RAMP?
    • RAMP is a TRIO student support service program funded to serve 250 eligible Cal Poly Pomona students. As a TRIO program, RAMP’s mission is to help students persist and graduate from CPP.
  1. Is there a fee for me to participate in RAMP?
    • There is no fee associated with your participation in the program.
  1. Am I eligible for RAMP?
    • If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and a first-generation college student, low-income student, or a student with a documented disability, you are eligible for RAMP.
  1. How do I apply to RAMP?
  1. Do I need to apply each year?
    • No, you do not need to reapply each year. Once you have been accepted into the program, you are a participant until you leave or graduate from Cal Poly. However, you are expected to meet with your RAMP advisor each term to be considered active in the program.
  1. What is the Grant Aid?
    • The Grant Aid is a grant that RAMP participants who are receiving a Pell Grant can apply for as a Freshman or Sophomore. There are some more eligibility requirements that can be found here: In 2020-21, the grant was $650. The grant can be applied to any college expenses that you may have.
  1. What type of tutoring does RAMP offer?
    • RAMP offers a wide variety of tutoring, which includes reading tutoring, graduate school/test prep, graduate writing test prep, and peer coaching.
  1. I consider myself a strong reader. Do I need to do tutoring if I am in the program?
    • No, you do not. However, even strong readers can benefit from our tutoring services. We also have other services and events available to all of our participants. You can find those on our website:
  1. What other services are available through RAMP?
    • As referred to in the above response, RAMP offers a variety of services and events. As a participant, you have access to our workshops, peer mentoring, supplemental academic advising, book club, access to on and off-campus cultural events, and a 1-unit course.

  2. What is CPU 1050A?
    • CPU1050A is a 1-unit credit bearing course available to all RAMP participants. This course is extremely helpful if you need an extra unit to be considered full-time status of 12 units or if you would like a personalized tutoring experience with RAMP. As a participant, you may request to enroll in our 1-unit course up to 4 times before you graduate from Cal Poly.
  1. How do I get in contact with RAMP?
    • The easiest way to contact RAMP is via email at