Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

Grant Preparation

Getting Started with Grants and Contracts

The best administrative approach in grant and contract application procedures is to involve the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) as early as possible in the planning of the application.  The earlier we see an application, even in rough form, the better chance the final application will go through the approval process with minimal difficulty.  As early as possible, the PI's should submit an intent-to-submit form.  It is not binding, but it allows ORSP staff to be ready to assist.  The staff will ask several questions to help guide the proposal development.  Response to these questions will help expedite the review and approval for final submission of the proposal through Cayuse 424.

Cost Sharing and Matching

Many of the grants require some type of "match" or cost sharing by the recipient institution. It is best to speak to ORSP to better understand what constitutes a valid match, including which components of University support are allowed to be budgeted as cost sharing/match. Federal agencies are taking a much more stringent view of matches, demanding that some aspects of matching be verifiable.  If an institutional cost change, including release time, is required, ORSP will provide you the forms that will require appropriate individuals approvals.  You may access the form under 'FORMS' as well.