Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

Pre-Award Services

  • Educational workshops on various topics related to external funding
  • Match faculty interests with funding opportunities
  • Guide faculty and staff on proposal development and grant writing
  • Guide faculty and staff on budget preparations for proposals
  • Help faculty in proposal review and approval and final submission to sponsors
  • Review proposals to assure that they are in compliance with Federal and University policies
  • Review budgets to assure that they are compliant with Federal and University policies
  • Assemble all required certification and assurance forms; assemble final proposal, and submit
  • Cayuse 424 (Electronic Proposal Submission) 
  • Negotiate contracts with funding agencies
  • Post-award administration guidance in collaboration with the Office of Grants & Contracts at the Cal Poly Foundation
  • Facilitate compliance with funding agencies' requirements and Cal Poly policies
  • Administer internal faculty scholarship funds

Life Cycle of a Proposal

Please provide at least five (5) working days for processing proposals. Staff at ORSP work on multiple proposals throughout the workweek, and sometimes must work on multiple submissions on the same day. As a result, time is needed to upload files, check for accuracy, obtain administrative signatures, and have time to process on-line corrections through web portals. Please contact ORSP through the Intent to Submit form as soon as you know you’ll be working on submitting a proposal, no matter how tentative your intent to submit a proposal may be.

This image illustrates the steps from the initial proposal preparation to the final proposal submission step.

Pre-Award Steps

Step 1 - PI/ORSP conduct funding searches. Step 2 - PI develops proposal idea. Step 3 - PI prepares the proposal/budget. Step 4 - ORSP assists in refining the budget. Step 5 - ORSP assists in preparing the necessary documents. Step 6 - ORSP routes the proposal for approvals. Step 7 - ORSP submits the proposal to sponsor.