The Collins College Of Hospitality Management


The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch strives to practice environmental sustainability from the materials it uses in the kitchen and dining room to the culinary garden and vineyards located on the premises.

Chefs on faculty work directly with agriculture students to plan each crop of the one-acre culinary garden. Recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects, the award-winning garden is maintained by agriculture students and harvested by Collins College students. Items from the garden are incorporated into the menu giving students a farm-to-table lesson in seasonal menu planning and preparation.

Additional ways the restaurant practices sustainability

  • Biodegradable take-out containers, straws, bags, cups and cutlery
  • Biodegradable detergent and other cleaning products
  • Periodic composting for the garden
  • Energy- and water-efficient equipment in the kitchen
  • Energy-efficient lighting throughout
  • Some sourcing of locally grown food products

Horsehill Vineyards

The Collins College and the College of Agriculture also partner to produce the award-winning Horsehill Vineyards wine, proceeds of which support the culinary garden. Vineyards are located on the slope southeast of the restaurant as well as AGRIScapes near the Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch. Horsehill Vineyards wine is served at the restaurant and available at the Farm Store. In an effort to utilize natural pest control, owl boxes are located on the edge of the garden and vineyards.

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