Public Record Access


To provide efficient and consistent response to public records requests, the university has identified Strategic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM), as the administrators responsible for accepting, reviewing, and responding to all requests. Faculty and staff should not respond directly to requests from the public for university record access.

These requests often involve interpretation of the several laws and policies that govern the release of information. Regulations such as the California Public Records Act, the federal Freedom of Information Act, and the California Information Practices Act provide for public access to certain records, but at the same time provide exemptions for the protection of personal privacy. Only certain records, or portions of records, are publicly available, and inquiries must be specific and in writing.

Responsible Office

Public records act requests should be directed immediately (within one business day of receipt) to:

MaryAnn Boice-Ceja
Risk Manager
Strategic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM)
Building 70
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 W. Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
Tel. 909-869-2495
Fax 909-869-2626
Additional Information
Main Contact Number, Strategic Enterprise Risk Mgmt. (909) 869-4697, or email Ms. Delfina Parea, Program Support Analyst for SERM, at or call (909) 869-3726 for general questions or inquiries.

CSU Records Access

Additional information on Public Records Access can be found on the Cal State website at  Consultation with Risk Management on specific questions as they arise is encouraged.