Field Trips

Field trips provide unique opportunities for students to engage in learning beyond the classroom, with opportunities for connecting both theory and practice. This type of student learning experience is supportive of our polytechnic “Learn by Doing” philosophy.

Out-of-classroom learning experiences bring with them certain risks. It is impossible to eliminate all risks entirely. However, the resources below have been developed to help minimize these risks and exposures for faculty, students, and the university.


CSU Executive Orders:



Notice to Students: Release, Hold Harmless and Informed Consent Provisions

Participating in a California State University-affiliated program which requires air and/or ground transportation, such as an academic field trip, involves risks and could result in damage to property, injury to persons, and death. Please be informed that the California State University assumes no liability for damage, injury, and death which may occur during air and/or ground travel required by the California State University-affiliated programs. Your participation in the program is voluntary, and you participate at your own risk.

Prior to undertaking a CSU-affiliated air and/or ground travel, you will be required to sign a
"Release and Hold-Harmless Form." Please review the statement carefully before signing it.

Student Conduct Code

Students participating in academic field trips are expected to conform to the same standards of behavior as published in the Cal Poly Pomona Student Conduct Code. Any violation of the Student Conduct Code or local, state, or federal laws may result in disciplinary action or sanctions by the University.


Students driving their own vehicles to and from an academic field trip site do so at their own expense and their own liability.

Field Trips Involving Travel Outside of the United States

If a field trip involves travel outside of the United States, check with Risk Management, extension 4846, regarding required Foreign Travel Insurance. This insurance is mandated by CSU Executive Order 1041 and a cost is assessed for faculty and students.