The CSU has a Volunteer Policy, which provides guidance and good practices for CSU volunteer programs.  The policy includes the definition of volunteers as well as information regarding background checks for volunteers.  The Volunteer Identification Form must be renewed annually.


ALL CSU volunteers are designated as “Mandated Reporters”.  Mandated Reporters means that CSU volunteers are required under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) and CSU policy to report suspected child abuse and neglect to specified authorities.  Refer to the Human Resource Services, Mandated Reporters - CANRA website for additional information, including the Mandated Reporter forms and on-line training. 

No matter the length or frequency of service, ALL CSU volunteers, both existing and new, are required to sign the Mandated Reporter statement form prior to providing service.

Volunteers are considered “Limited Reporters”.  As a Limited Reporter, whenever in your volunteer capacity or within the scope of your volunteer service you have knowledge of or observe a person under the age of 18 years whom you know or reasonably suspect has been the victim of child abuse or neglect on CSU premises or at an official activity of, or program conducted by the CSU, you must report the suspected incident (Penal Code §§ 11166(a) and 11165.7(a)(41)).

Both existing and new volunteers must sign the Limited Reporter statement.  Volunteers who refuse to sign the statement presented to them, without exception, cannot serve as a volunteer. 

Reference CSU Executive Order 1083 http://www.calstate.edu/eo/eo-1083-rev-7-21-17.html

The Volunteer Identification Form (Rev. 1/2018) (PDF) and the Acknowledgment Form for Limited Reporters, Attachment C, must be kept together and retained in the College or Department Office.  Records should be retained for four years after the volunteer service ends.


It is strongly encouraged, but not required that volunteers take the Mandatory Reporter training. 

To request access to the training in Skillport, ask your campus manager to send an email request to Cal Poly Pomona's Training & Professional Development, including the information indicated below.   It will take approximately one week for the set up.

  • Subject Line:  Request for Volunteer Access to Mandated Reporter Training
  • Information to include in the email:  Volunteer's name, and both the program in which the volunteer works, and their role.


Some volunteer service requires a background check to be satisfactorily completed before starting the volunteer assignment. 

In an effort to provide the safest possible environment for minor children a background check is required for volunteers who perform work involving regular or direct contact with minor children, including at CSU-hosted recreational camps. The term “recreational” includes, but is not limited to, sports, dance, academic, and other recreational camps or clinics for minor children hosted by the CSU. 

The Education Code § 10911.5 requires an employer to fingerprint any employee who will have direct contact with minor children in a recreational program and to submit the fingerprints to the Department of Justice. CSU Background Check Policy requires fingerprinting for any employee or volunteer who will have direct contact with minor children in a recreational program or camp operated by the CSU or on CSU property.


For questions regarding volunteers, please contact:

MaryAnn Boice-Ceja
Risk Manager, Strategic Enterprise Risk Management
Office: (909) 869-2495 

For questions regarding background checks, please contact:

Amanda Elias 
Training & Operations Specialist
Phone:  (909) 869-5430
Email:  aaelias@cpp.edu