Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Information for Faculty

Fall 2021 courses will be offered in face-to-face, hybrid and online instruction formats. Students can refer to the BroncoDirect Class Schedule and our Fall 2021 Instruction Modes document (PDF) to understand their courses' instruction modes and what to expect. You can also find information about instruction modes on the Virtual Advising & Academic Toolkit website

Faculty will work remotely from home unless they received pre-approval from their HEERA manager as well as the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to participate in in-person activities. Academic Exception requests will continue to be facilitated by the Provost’s Office.

To reduce potential exposure risks, the university will restrict campus access from Dec. 18 through Feb. 8, 2021 to authorized faculty performing essential in-person activities as determined by their Vice President. Employees requiring emergency access to the campus must contact the University Police Department at (909) 869-3070.

Before coming to campus, faculty should visit the Checklist before coming to campus, complete the training and daily Health Screener outlined in the checklist.

When on campus, faculty should observe the following safety measures: Wear a face covering at all time, practice physical distancing and maintain personal hygiene.

(Page updated 6/3/2021)

Resources for Faculty

FAQs for Faculty

Are on campus meetings or events allowed?

No public gatherings of any size affiliated with the university are permitted either on or off campus. This includes all meetings, conferences, workshops, committee meetings, luncheons, performances, campus tours, etc.

If you have questions about events or event management, visit the Events page or email

What if faculty cannot come to campus for their approved in-person instruction or other approved work-related activities?

For faculty who cannot be on campus due to medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19, Cal Poly Pomona will provide reasonable accommodations in the form of remote work assignments. Employees who are able to continue to work remotely, will be encouraged to do so. Individuals whose job duties are incompatible with remote work will be provided with leave options consistent with CSU policies and applicable collective bargaining agreements. 

Faculty who have been instructed to return to work on-campus in fall 2020, and have concerns about doing so due to a medical condition that places them in a higher risk group, or due to having a family member in this category, for those who are pregnant, or for those who wish to seek ADA Reasonable Accommodations related to returning to the workplace, should contact Employee/Labor Relations at for options and appropriate accommodations and solutions.

Are faculty required to complete the COVID-19 training and Employee Health Screener?

Yes, if faculty have pre-approval from their HEERA manager (upon consultation with the dean and provost) to come to campus for in-person activities. Visit the Checklist before coming to campus.

How do I access the COVID-19 training that has to be completed before coming to campus?

Go to the Safer Return website’s checklist before coming to campus and scroll down to “Complete COVID-19 Training.”

How often do employees need to complete the training?

Currently, employees need to complete the training once.

I’m not feeling well and/or I believe I’ve come into contact with COVID-19. What should I do?

If you have fever and a cough or trouble breathing OR had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, seek medical care right away.

Faculty and staff should contact their primary care physician or health care provider. Call the provider BEFORE going to the facility.

What is the process for reporting a confirmed positive test for COVID-19, symptoms and/or a close contact exposure to a confirmed positive case?

If you are scheduled for approved in-person and/or on-campus work or activities, you should complete the online Employee Health Screener and provide that information. The Employee Health Screener will then list your next steps, one of which is alerting your supervisor of your illness-related absence. If you are scheduled to work on campus, you should NOT go to campus or do in-person work.

If you are working remotely and do not have any approved in-person activities, you do not need to complete the online Employee Health Screener. If needed, you can use appropriate leave credits and follow your department’s normal attendance procedure for taking leave. If you choose, you can report the specific illness to your manager, but it is not required.

View Reporting Requirements for Positive COVID-19 Test.

What does my manager need to know about my health? Should I keep them updated?

Managers should not conduct an incident investigation and should not request a diagnosis from the employee. Health updates should be provided to the Safer Return Incident Investigation Team ( and Employee/Labor Relations as needed.

When can I return to in-person work if I was required to isolate?

If you were directed to isolate, a medical release should be submitted to Employee/Labor Relations ( before you can return to work. Then, Employee/Labor Relations will inform your HEERA Manager of the release.

View Reporting Requirements for Positive COVID-19 Test.

What should I do if I learn that one of my students has a confirmed positive test for COVID-19, has symptoms and/or has exposure to a confirmed positive case?

Faculty should immediately notify the department chair or college dean. Staff should inform their HEERA manager. The chair, dean or HEERA manager will immediately notify the Safer Return Incident Investigation Team ( providing the student name and contact information. Faculty and staff should not conduct an incident investigation and should not request a diagnosis from the student.

View Reporting Requirements for Positive COVID-19 Test.

Are students required to inform the university if they have a confirmed positive test for COVID-19, have symptoms and/or had a close contact exposure to a confirmed positive case?

Students who have in-person activities are required to report this through the online Health Screener and inform their faculty member or staff supervisor. They should NOT attend the in-person activities.

Students who are studying and working remotely are not required to share this information. If they choose to, they can report this to their faculty member or through the online Health Screener.

If students were directed to isolate or quarantine, when can they resume in-person activities?

If applicable and upon completion of the isolation period, the student is to provide the Incident Investigator and/or the Student Health Center with a medical release prior to returning to in-person activities. The Safer Return Incident Investigation Team will inform the department, chair or HEERA manager of the release to return to in-person activities.

View Reporting Requirements for Positive COVID-19 Test.