Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Academic Instruction

Spring and Summer are predominantly online. Only a very limited number of courses this spring – 248 sections – have in-person components.  You can find the list of these courses on the Spring 2021 Virtual Advising & Academics Toolkit website. In-person instruction is delayed until March 1.

Our planning for in-person instruction include safety measures (i.e. physical distancing, cleaning, face coverings) to protect the health and well-being of the students, faculty and staff who will be on campus or participate in in-person activities. In addition, our plans include accommodations for students who, for any number of reasons, are unable to participate in in-person activities. Students enrolled in a course with in-person components will receive additional communication about the in-person course and accommodations.

(Page updated 1/25/2020)

Students who cannot be on campus due to COVID-19 concerns should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at The center continues to serve students in a virtual mode. Once in-person courses have been finalized, the DRC will have access to course rosters and will communicate with students about course instruction modalities prior to the beginning of the semester.  

Students who do not meet the requirements for a disability-related accommodation but need an exemption because they are unable to come to campus due to COVID-related concerns (e.g., living with a family member who is immunocompromised or part of a vulnerable population)will receive a letter from the Integrated Care Network in partnership with the Office of Student Success. The letter will acknowledge that the student has contacted their office and will work with the student to link them to appropriate wellbeing resources on and off campus. 

All students noted above — those who are unable to safely travel to campus due to COVID-19 concerns and those who require accommodations — will receive a letter outlining their exemption from coming to campus to provide to their instructors. In turn, instructors will follow their proposed and approved plan to provide alternative assignments for these students to ensure the learning outcomes of the course are met.  

Students who require additional support should work closely with the Office of Student Success and the Bronco Advising Center to ensure that their learning, academic support and other needs are met. Academic advising and tutoring services will continue to be available virtually by appointment and drop-in. Students facing technology challenges can email and request a loaner laptop and/or hot spot. All student support offices will be available to students virtually and by phone.  

If Cal Poly Pomona is unable to accommodate a student for a course in a fully virtual modality, the student will be advised to work with their academic advisor to determine how best to adjust their course schedule.  

For faculty and staff who cannot be on campus due to medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19, Cal Poly Pomona will provide reasonable accommodations in the form of remote work assignments. Employees who are able to continue to work remotely, will be encouraged to do so. Individuals whose job duties are incompatible with remote work will be provided with leave options consistent with CSU policies and applicable collective bargaining agreements.  

Faculty and staff who have been instructed to return to work on-campusand have concerns about doing so due to a medical condition that places them in a higher risk group, or due to having a family member in this category, for those who are pregnant, or for those who wish to seek ADA Reasonable Accommodations related to returning to the workplace, should contact Employee/Labor Relations at for options and appropriate accommodations and solutions.