Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona


For Campus Dining (Foundation Dining Services), our employees and students' safety are our top priority. In partnership with the campus’ Environmental Health and Safety Office, we have developed best practices and guidelines for supervisors, employees and campus community members on staying safe.

Social distancing measures may include mobile ordering, disposable plates and utensils and contactless payment. If indoor dining is available and allowed by county health guidelines, tables will be placed at least six feet apart to promote physical distancing and separate entrances and exits will be in place.

Centerpointe Dining Commons, Innovation Brew Works, The Vista Market convenience store and Lollicup/Jones Coffee, a grab-and-go food venue, will be open with limited hours. The majority of retail dining across the campus will remain closed until other campus operations (i.e., Bronco Student Center and University Library) are open. The opening of additional dining locations will be based on the campus, county and state health directives' health and safety guidelines. 

Visit Foundation Dining for operating hours and additional information. 

(Page updated 4/27/2021)