Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Transportation and Mobility

Consistent with California Department of Public Health and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommendations, the campus is limiting all non-essential travel and has developed specific infection-control protocols for various transportation modes. All persons coming to campus or on campus must wear a face covering, including while waiting for or riding on public transportation, paratransit taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle; engaged in work at the workplace or performing work off-site; and driving, operating or riding any shared vehicle.

The university has developed these general guidelines to limit the spread of the virus:

  • For on-campus transport vehicles (e.g., buses, shuttle vans, etc.), riders should maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from one another. In some cases, seats can be removed or spaced out to support physical distancing. In other cases, colored tape can be used to mark seats that riders are allowed to use and maintain a safer distance from other riders. Where possible, additional transport vehicles should be available for busy routes. If it is not feasible to maintain physical distance, impermeable barriers may be installed to limit contact between riders.
  • Where feasible, impermeable barriers should be installed to protect the driver from passengers.
  • A passenger entry and exit plan has been developed to minimize physical contact with other passengers.
  • Everyone is required to wear cloth face covering while driving or riding in a campus transport vehicle.
  • Vehicle windows should remain open, when practicable, to increase outdoor air flow.


  • As of Nov. 16, the California Department of Public Health requires that everyone in California wear a mask or face covering when outside of their home, with limited exceptions. Read more in the expanded mask guidance.
  • Metrolink updated its temporary schedule effective Nov. 16, to better serve riders. The schedule update includes the reintroduction of San Bernardino Line Express service and temporarily suspending trains with lower ridership, while adding back trains that better serve riders’ needs. 
  • Cal Poly Pomona campus parking rules and regulations are still in effect. Parking permits are required on campus. Vehicles parked without a valid permit are subject to citation. Contact for questions.
  • Bronco Express and Metrolink Express Shuttle services are currently not in operation. Email rideshare@cpp.edufor any questions regarding your transportation needs.
  • Foothill Transit is currently running full service (Lines No. 190, 194, 195, 289, 480,482 and 486) to campus. Fare collection and front door boarding resumed for passengers on Oct. 18, after new bus operator barriers were installed on most buses to allow riders to approach the fare box while maintaining safety. However, Cal Poly Pomona students can board local and Silver Streak buses by showing their valid school ID to the bus operator without additional fare through the end of the fall semester. See Foothill Transit’s website for information on service and safety protocols.
  • Lyft has launched a Health Safety Programthat includes personal health certification and required face coverings for drivers and riders. Uber riders are also required to wear a face covering and must agree to sit in the back seat and open the windows for ventilation.

On-Campus Guidance/Infection-Control Protocols

The campus has enacted the following infection-control protocols for each transport mode for the safety of our students, faculty and staff, and as the campus considers phased re-population plans: