Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

All Messages to the Community

Find the latest messages to the campus community regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Face Mask Protocols, 4/7/2022

Change in Campus Masking Requirements Effective April 2, 3/24/2022

Continued Masking for Now, 3/4/2022

New COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave, 2/21/2022

Preparing for In-Person Instruction, 2/8/2022

Confirming Our Return to In-Person Instruction on Feb. 12, 2/8/2022

COVID-19 Compliance: Faculty Guidance, 1/28/2022

New Guidelines Regarding Updated Event Guidance, 1/24/2022

CPP Spring Parking Updates and Reminders, 1/20/2022

Updated Event Guidance for Registered Student Organizations, 1/14/2022

Student Information - Temporary Online Instruction, 1/10/2022

Start of Spring Semester - Temporary Three-week Move to Online Instruction, 1/10/2022

Temporary Three-week Move to Online Instruction for Start of Spring Semester, 1/10/2022

Adjusting Work Schedules in January 2022, 12/31/2021

Committed to Our Safer Return, 12/31/2021

Update on CSU Vaccination Interim Policy Compliance and Weekly Testing Requirement, 12/9/2021

New Webpage for Potential Workplace Exposure Notification, 10/21/2021

Now Available: Cal Poly Pomona HEERF III Emergency Grants, 10/18/2021

Spring 2022 Schedule, 10/7/2021

Preparing for Spring 2022, 10/7/2021

Update on CSU Vaccination Requirement and Deadlines for Staff and Faculty, 9/24/2021

Welcome from Academic Affairs, 8/24/2021

Action Required: Fall 2021 COVID-19 Health and Safety Training, 8/23/2021

Our Commitment to Keeping You Safe and Healthy, 8/16/2021

CPP Athletics Announces Spectator Attendance Restrictions, 8/16/2021

HEERA Manager Guidance: Employee Face Mask Requirement, 8/13/2021

Guidance on COVID-19 Travel Guidelines, 8/11/2021

Your Safer Return Checklist for Fall 2021, 8/10/2021

Fall Return Update: Sharing the Plan (Faculty and Instructors), 8/6/2021

COVID Vaccination or Weekly Testing Required Starting August 16 (Faculty and Staff), 7/27/2021

COVID Vaccination or Weekly Testing Required Starting August 16 (Students), 7/27/2021

A Hybrid Fall Semester for Working, 7/23/2021

Face coverings are required at Cal Poly Pomona, 7/19/2021

Uploading Your Vaccination Record (Students), 7/7/2021

Uploading Your Vaccination Record (Faculty and Staff), 7/7/2021

BRIC Summer Membership, 7/6/2021

Start of Stage II and Important Update on Covid Regulations, 6/21/2021

Safer Return Updates from Parking Services, 6/17/2021

Increasing In-Person Instruction for Fall Semester, 6/11/2021

Return to In-Person Work Update, 6/8/2021

Returning to In-Person Work for Academic Affairs Staff, 5/27/2021

Returning to In-Person Work, Safely and Gradually, 5/24/2021

A Consequential Year, 5/17/2021

CSU to Implement COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Upon FDA Approval, 4/22/2021

Vaccine Clinic for Cal Poly Pomona Community, 4/14/2021

Faculty Needed for Campus Repopulation Working Groups, 4/12/2021

Study Spaces Pilot Program, 4/5/2021

Start of Fall 2021 Registration Moved to April 19, 4/2/2021

Chancellor Castro Announces Extended Leave Benefits Program, 3/30/2021

Emergency Grants for Students Are On Their Way, 3/25/2021

Spring Break - Staying Safe, 3/22/2021

Increasing Consideration For In-person Instruction this Fall, 3/18/2021

Campus-Wide Virtual Moment of Reflection, 3/17/2021

Update From President Coley on Fall Planning and Commencement, 3/1/2021

Faculty Reviews in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic, 2/25/2021

Student Employees Eligible for Vaccine on March 1 in LA County, 2/24/2021

Faculty & Staff Eligible for Vaccine on March 1 in LA County, 2/24/2021

Planning for Fall 2021, 2/10/2021

Mass Vaccination Hub at Cal Poly Pomona, 2/4/2021

Statewide COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution, 1/15, 2021

New Health Protocols and Reminders about Campus Operations, 1/3/2021

Campus to Restrict Access Starting Dec. 18, 12/18/2020

Spring 2021 Calendar, 12/14/2020

Stay Home Order and CPP’s Safer Return Operations, 12/8/2020

New Stay-At-Home Order and Travel Advisory, 11/23/2020

Safer Return Updates for Fall and Spring Semesters, 11/17/2020

New Student COVID-19 Cases Off-Campus: You Can Help Slow the Spread, 9/10/2020

CSU Announces Continuation of Primarily Virtual Instruction Through End of Academic Year, 9/10/2020

In-Person Learning Components: COVID-10 Reminders, 8/28/2020

Expectations for Student Organizations COVID-19, 8/27/2020

Staying Safe During Fall Semester, 8/19/2020

Appointment of COVID-19 Safer Return Task Force, 8/4/2020

Fall 2020 Plan - Student Information, 7/20/2020

Campus Plans for Fall 2020, 7/17/2020

Update: Supporting our International Students and Scholars, 7/14/2020

Supporting our International Students and Scholars, 7/7/2020

Update on Fall 2020, 6/8/2020

Planning for Fall Semester 2020, 5/12/2020

Cares Act Emergency Grants for Students, 4/30/2020

Two New Paid Leave Options for Eligible Employees, 4/30/2020

Second Confirmed Case of COVID-19, 4/17/2020

IT Security UPDATE - Defend against COVID-19 Scams, 4/17/2020

Cloth Face Coverings for Essential Employees, 4/14/2020

Faculty Credit/No Credit Grading Option for Spring 2020, 4/8/2020

Student Credit/No Credit Grading Option for Spring 2020, 4/8/2020

Extension of Temporary Paid Administrative Leave Provisions, 4/8/2020

Office Supply Order with Staples for Temporary Remote Work, 4/8/2020

A United Bronco Community, 4/6/2020

COVID-19 Notification, 4/1/2020

Updates: Summer 2020 Courses, Academic Policies and Virtual Instruction Resources, 3/30/2020

Campus Computer Purchases, 3/29/2020

Library Building and 24/7 Lab Closure, 3/29/2020

Staying Safe During Spring Break, 3/27/2020

Message from the Provost, 3/25/2020

Paid Administrative Leave Related to COVID-19, 3/21/2020

County and Statewide Orders Regarding COVID-19, 3/19/2020

Move to Virtual Instruction through end of Spring Semester and Assuring Social Distancing for Students and Employees,3/17/2020

Important Student Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), 3/16/2020

Remote or Virtual Mode of Instruction for All Classes Starting Wednesday, 3/16/2020

Message to Faculty and Staff, 3/15/2020

Update Regarding Remote Work, 3/13/2020

ASI Operating Hours, 3/13/2020

Temporary Suspension of On-Campus Interviews and other Employment Selection Activities, 3/13/2020

University Housing Services Remains Open, 3/12/2020

Additional Information for Students Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), 3/12/2020

Temporary pause of in-person instruction to prepare for alternative modes of instruction and next steps, 3/12/2020

Important Status Update Regarding ASI Events, 3/12/2020

A Message for Our Cal Poly Pomona Staff, 3/12/2020

CPP Home Athletic Events Closed To Spectators, 3/11,2020

Temporary Pause of Face-to-Face Classes to Prepare for Alternative Modes of Instruction, 3/11/2020

IT Security Alert: COVID-19 Scams, 3/10/2020

Campus Response to COVID-19, 3/10/2020

Update on COVID-19 Response, 3/10/2020

Instructional Continuity, 3/6/2020

Keeping Cal Poly Pomona Healthy, 3/4/2020

International Travel, 2/28/2020

Message for Faculty, 2/11/2020

Travel Advisory – ALERT: Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), 1/31/2020

Message to Parents: Update on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), 1/29/2020

Update on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), 1/27/2020