Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Campus Planning Organizational Framework

To ensure comprehensive planning and preparedness for campus repopulation in Fall 2021 and beyond, a COVID-19 management and repopulation framework has been created, which consists of a steering committee, an integrated communications planning team, and six (6) working groups.

Each working group addresses an important aspect of campus operational continuity as the university gradually increases campus population density and the corresponding necessary support infrastructure.

Membership of the Steering Committee and the Chair and/or Co-Chairs of the Working Group:

Campus Repopulation Steering Committee

  • Sylvia Alva, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • John McGuthry, Vice President & CIO
  • Christina Gonzales, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Nicole Hawkes, Chief of Staff
  • Frances Teves, Assistant Vice President, Government and External Affairs
  • Sep Eskandari, Associate Provost

Integrated Communications Planning Team

  • Esther Tanaka, Strategic Communications
  • John Repologle, Strategic Communications
  • Amon Rappaport, Strategic Communications
  • Melissa Riordan, Alumni and External Relations
  • Gary Fong, Facilities Planning & Management
  • David Sedillo, Student Affairs
  • Mercedes Quiroz, Strategic Communications
  • Michelle Viorato, Governmental and External Affairs
  • Kathy Prater, Employee & Labor Relations

 Working Groups

  • Working Group 1: Safer Return Task Force / Health, Safety and Compliance (Frances Teves, Chair)
  • Working Group 2: Teaching and Learning (Sep Eskandari and Laura Massa, Co-Chairs)
  • Working Group 3: Employee and Organizational Repopulation (Kim Allain and Jared Ceja, Co-Chairs)
  • Working Group 4: Events and Activities (Dan Montplaisir and Helen Yniguez, Co-Chairs)
  • Working Group 5: Campus Operations (Jason Rodriguez and Joe Simoneschi, Co-Chairs)
  • Working Group 6: Campus Life (Megan Stang, Chair)