Safety and Emergency Information

Campus Computer Purchases

Date: 3/29/2020
From: Office of the CIO
Subject: Campus Computer Purchases

Faculty & Staff:

Due to the increased demand on the IT&IP Division resources as a result of the shift to virtual instruction and remote work, the following short-term changes are being implemented regarding campus computer purchases:

  • A pause for all new orders of university owned computers except for bulk orders originating from the division of IT&IP (including purchase orders, online orders, and bookstore orders).  The Vice Presidents are working together to identify urgent computer needs required to support the campus computing environment.

  • IT&IP will continue to order new laptops, desktops, and other peripherals on behalf of the university to support the ongoing computing needs. 

  • IT&IP will repurpose existing computing equipment to supplement the ongoing computing needs.

  • IT&IP will provide regular updates to the departments on new orders; Please recognize that shipping delays are unexpectedly high due to a world-wide increase in computer demand.

  • All requests for equipment such as laptops, wi-fi hotspots, or other peripherals to support temporary remote work needs should be requested on the attached IT&IP Addendum and submitted to (note: status on equipment orders will be provided from the IT Remote Work email).

Support for on-going computing needs can be found in the following locations:

Thank you in advance for your support with these short-term changes.

Sylvia Alva
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

 Danielle Manning
Vice President for Administrative Affairs

John McGuthry
Vice President for Information Technology and Institutional Planning & CIO