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Office Supply Order with Staples for Temporary Remote Work

Date: 4/8/2020
From: Steve Kim
Subject: Office Supply Order with Staples for Temporary Remote Work

In order to support the needs of virtual instruction and a remote work environment, the University is issuing the following temporary guidelines for the purchase of office supplies while working off campus.

  • Effective immediately, for the purpose of conducting work remotely, employees may purchase critical office supplies from Staples, with a pre-approved email from their supervisor, which should include a list of requested items.  Employees may use their personal credit card to purchase from Staples online and then submit reimbursement requests via the university’s direct payment process. 

  • Written Pre-Approval for Office Supplies:  Prior to ordering/purchasing critical office supplies, the employee must receive email pre-approval from their immediate supervisor.  The email request should include a list of all requested items. 

  • Staples – CSU Employee Discount Program:  Items may be purchased from Staples. During this crisis, Staples is waiving the minimum order amount for online orders. See the attached Staples CSU Employee Discount Program, for details on the sign-up instructions.

  • Reimbursement via Direct Payment:  Employees are required to follow all regular direct payment procedures. Employees must complete the Direct Pay Form (see attachment), stating “COVID-19 Remote Work” in the body of the Description/Justification section. Forward the completed Direct Pay Form, a copy of the pre-approved email, and Staples itemized receipts to Accounts Payable at the following email address:

The items below are not approved to purchase for home delivery or remote use:

  • Furniture, chairs, tables, IT equipment (including but not limited to printers, copiers, mobile phones or hotspots), hand sanitizer, masks, gloves or disinfectants.

Please contact Lou Yang at 909-869-4384 with any questions or concerns.

Steven Kim
Assistant Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer
Strategic Business Services


CSU Employee Discount Program (Staples)

Direct Pay Form with Digital Signature Option