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Credit/No Credit Grading Option for Spring 2020

Date: 4/8/2020
From: The Office of Student Success
Subject: Credit/No Credit Grading Option for Spring 2020

Dear Bronco,

We understand that the shift to virtual instruction has disrupted your educational experience this semester. In an effort to reduce any adverse effects on your academic progress, we are offering you the flexibility to choose different grading options for spring 2020. We hope that this will help you focus on successfully completing the semester in these unforeseen and challenging circumstances.

Spring 2020 Grading Options

You will have three options for your final grade in each of your courses:



Graduate and   
 Post-baccalaureate Students

Option 1:

Letter Grades*

Graded (A, B, C, D, F)

Graded (A, B, C, D, F)

Option 2:

Letter Grades*/No Credit

A, B, C, No Credit for a D or below

A, B, No Credit for a grade of C or below

Option 3:

Credit/No Credit

Credit, No Credit

Credit, No Credit

*This includes any plus or minus grades.

How to Change Your Grading Option

  • We are currently working on a method that will make it easy for you to opt-in. We are transforming a paper form into an online process which will be available on April 16. The deadline to submit your choices will be May 8. Continue to check your CPP email regularly.
  • If you do not want to change the grading option for any of your classes, you won't need to submit anything.

Before You Decide on a Grading Option

  • Most of your courses are set by default to Option 1. If you are uncertain about the default grading option in any of your courses, review your syllabi or ask your instructor.
  • All courses will still count toward your graduation requirements, and any Credit/No Credit course from this semester will not count against the current limits on the number of Credit/No Credit courses you can take.
  • The decision to change any of your courses to Credit/No Credit requires you to take careful consideration. This is especially true for students who are:  
  • Veterans
  • International Students
  • Student-athletes 
  • On Academic Probation or Probation with Contract
  • In a program that requires minimum grades as prerequisites
  • Planning to apply for graduate school or a post-graduate fellowship
  • Planning to enter a career field where employers consider grade
  • In a program with special accreditation or licensure requirements

How to Get Help

You are not alone in making this decision! To help you make an informed choice about selecting your grading options, reach out the appropriate office:

Staff are available via remote methods Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please include your Bronco ID number in any messages you send to these offices and have it ready when you call.

More Details

You can find more information at

We hope you remain healthy and productive in this challenging time.

Dr. Terri Gomez
Associate Vice President for Student Success

Dr. Laura Massa
Associate Vice President for Academic Programs