Safety and Emergency Information


If you have questions about events or event management, please email  

Consistent with California Department of Public Health recommendations, we are promoting social distancing by canceling all events and gatherings on or off campus through November 30We will continue to update this as recommendations evolve. Please continue to rely on online and other digital communication strategies to hold all meetings. 

This decision covers all events and gatherings, including, but not limited to: 

  • Banquets, luncheons, receptions, dinner galas 
  • Conferences, workshops and meetings 
  • Guided campus tours, public performances 

(Page updated 7/31/2020)


We understand that commencement is an important part of the Cal Poly Pomona experience and we want to honor our student’s significant milestone. While the formal pomp and circumstance did not take place in May, we are working to create an experience that honors the commitment and sacrifice made by you and your family.

After listening to feedback from students, faculty and staff and inviting our graduates to participate in an online survey, we understand that the interest is still very high to hold an in-person event in either December 2020 or May 2021. Our goal is to announce new dates for the Class of 2020 during the Fall Semester so that you and your family can plan accordingly. We are still exploring a variety of options to properly manage the event and will continue to hold discussions with students to ensure that our plans reflect the significance of the occasion. The safety and wellbeing of our students and guests remain paramount, and we will work with LA County officials to ensure the activities meets the standards necessary for a safe physical distanced ceremony. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to find solutions during these unprecedented times. 

Please note that commencement is NOT being cancelled. It is being postponed to a later date. Also, know that this decision will not affect the timing of degree completion. Degree conferral will be governed by the completion of the academic work for the relevant degree.

Visit the ASI events page, to view which ASI events have been canceled or rescheduled. Also, the ASI FAQ page addresses topics such as travel, ASI operations and club accounts.

I have a question about an ASI event. Who should I contact?

If you have any questions regarding ASI events, email Cathy Neale, associate director of marketing, at

In-person campus tours are not offered at this time. You can experience our campus through virtual tours. Visit the Campus Tours website for more information and updates.

All orientation sessions for incoming freshman and transfer students will be held virtually. Visit the orientation website for more information and updates. 

Event organizers and planners should take action to cancel their individual events, including communicating with speakers and guests, canceling room reservations and/or catering, and canceling any other related event arrangements.

You may move to online and other digital communication strategies to hold meetings if possible.

If you have questions about events or event management, please email