College of Science

COS Advising

The College of Science Advising Center is located in Building 3, Room 1645 houses three full time professional staff advisors who are prepared to provide general academic advising, at-risk advising to all undergraduate majors in the College of Science. To find out more information about our vision, mission, core values, and staff members please click here.

COS Advising Structure

What can the COS Staff Advisors help you with? Please view this Advising Chart to see the College of Science Advising Structure. We also advise all at-risk, probation, and Probation w/ Contract (Formerly Disqualification). Before you meet with an advisor in our office, we will ask that you complete the Academic Success Worksheet. To find the holds structure for the COS, please view this chart.

The Advising Center often partners with faculty advisors and department chairs as well to better support students. Please find the department websites and information here: Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geological Sciences, Kinesiology & Health Promotion,  Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy

Articulation Agreements for Community College Coursework

Are you a current CPP student thinking of taking a course over the summer at a local community college? Go to or visit CPP's Semester Articulation Agreements. Please always consult with an advisor in our office before taking courses.

Curriculum Sheets & Roadmaps

To view your curriculum sheet click here, select the year you began, your College, and your major.

If you are under the quarter curriculum, we would recommend using your department conversion guides and the University's conversion guide. If you entered CPP in Fall 2018 or were transitioned to the semester curriculum, please view the following flowcharts and roadmaps.

CPP Pledge/ Promise Programs

The COS Advising Center handles the pledge/ promise programs. Feel free to drop-in to our office to find out more information. Please also view the university's website for further information. 

General Education Information

If you are quarter student following the quarter curriculum, please use the following GE Tool to discover the appropriate GE's needed to graduate.

If you are a semester student following the semester curriculum, please view the GE list through the catalog found here.

Graduation & Commencement Information

If you are in your last semester at CPP, completing all of your degree requirements you will need to apply for graduation in order to receive your degree, please view the Graduation Application Timeline.

If you will not be completing your degree requirements by the end of the Spring semester and only have 8 quarter or 6 semester units left, you can apply for Early Commencement Participation. This allows you to walk in the graduation ceremony and return to CPP in summer or fall to finish your remaining units. Click here to learn more about Early Commencement Participation.

GPA Calculations

To calculate your GPA, you may use the following resource.

The COS Advising Center also often uses the second page of our Academic Success Worksheet to explain GPA thresholds and academic standing.

Office of Student Success

For self-service tools, guides, resources, and more please view CPP's Student Success Central.

Registration Information

To find out more information on:

Every effort has been made to provide students with the most accurate information for advising purposes. However, this information may be amended or changed at any time. Please continuously check your CPP email for updates. Should you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the College of Science Advising Center or visit us drop-in during our advising hours found here. Webpage last updated: August 2019