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Alumni & Donors

2019 Distinguished Alumna Maria Alvarez, MS Computer Science, 1995

Watch her video and hear how Cal Poly Pomona prepared her for her career as Engineering GM, Shared engineering Services, Microsoft-Artificial Intelligence and Research Division.

2018 Distinguished Alumnus Alex Cheng, Class of 1996 & 2003, Computer Science

Watch his video and hear how Cal Poly Pomona helped prepare him to start his business, Sevenlogics.


Alberto Herrara, Class of 2016

How Biology Graduate Anthony Herrera Transitioned His Love For Rock Bands to a Passion in Medicine

Alberto herrera and kesha

When Alberto Herrera, 2016 Cal Poly Pomona biology graduate, started his hobby of interviewing punk rock bands and celebrities, he had no idea his passion would turn into a major channel on the YouTube scene. His path has been quite untraditional, with him now starting a Ph.D. program in Cancer Research at City of Hope.

Nicolette Yadegar, Class of 2014

Microsoft’s Nicolette Yadegar is Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Computer Science

Nicolette Yadegar

Microsoft’s Nicolette Yadegar is inspiring the next generation of women in computer science. After Nicolette Yadegar received a computer science degree from Cal Poly Pomona in 2014, she knew her journey was just beginning. She was one of a small group of women who majored in computer science, and she wanted to see that number grow.

David Kok, Class of 2014

From Marine to McNair Scholar, a Story of Motivation

David Kok The Cal Poly Pomona alumnus is embarking on his first year as a graduate student studying materials science and engineering at the University of California, Irvine, and though it’s only the beginning of a very intense academic endeavor, he’s well prepared for it.

Clint Hawkins, Class of 2012

Navy Officer and Nuclear Physicist

Clint Hawkins The hands-on learning at this school really prepares you once you graduate. A lot of students [at other universities] get all the way through their bachelor’s program without doing lab work for real research. Here, they push it really hard. As a sophomore, I was starting work with a professor in a research lab.

Dr. Daniel J. Cua, Class of 1988 and 1993

Pursuing Answers in Medical Research

Dr. Daniel J. Cua Alumnus Daniel J. Cua has found his calling and success in the world of scientific research. He is the group leader in Pathways of Inflammation at Merck Research Laboratories in Palo Alto and was a previous Research Fellow at Schering Plough Biopharma. His work focuses on the discovery of novel biologic agents for the treatment of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.