Cellular Molecular Biology Resource Center


The Cellular Molecular Biology Resource Center is located in the Biotechnology Building, 4-2-774. We are conveniently located back to back from the Biology Stockroom and provide general and specialized services for the Biology Department.

Our main function is the laboratory preparation of microbiology and molecular biology courses within the department. The Cellular Molecular Biology Prep-room, (CMB), also provides specialized material that the Biology Stockroom does not stock or order as culture media, animal blood, needles and syringes, bacteriological stains.

To prepare for the diverse course offerings the CMB employs undergraduate student lab assistants and graduate students. These undergraduate students are either straight wage or work study students that have applied for the job, interviewed and have undergone laboratory and safety training. Graduate students who generally teach the Microbiology and Molecular Biology courses are responsible to work five hours a week in the CMB prep room and oversee course preparation for their class. For these students, work will consist of media and solution preparation, collecting supplies and miscellaneous lab materials as equipment and glassware, the set up and take down of lab classes. They also see the room is made ready with general lab supplies and check that discard carts are supplied with appropriate disposal containers for hazardous waste. All hazardous waste is removed after each laboratory and brought to the CMB for processing.

Eloise Pro, the CMB technician, is responsible for this area and who oversees course preparation, supervises students, orders supplies, maintains course budget, chemical and equipment inventory, quality control, repairs and safety. There are seven other biology technicians in the department that contribute their time and expertise to help this area run very efficiently.

Within the CMB, is the Hazardous Waste Disposal and dishwashing facility. Located in this area are two autoclaves. The large autoclave will hold multiple bins, animal cages, or many baskets. The regular sized autoclave is for general loads. A functional automatic dishwasher that is used to clean laboratory glassware and test tubes is located in the same room.

Hazardous waste, including bacteria, virus, fungi, blood and sharps are collected from the teaching laboratories on a daily basis and processed and disposed of closely following safety guidelines set by Environmental Health and Safety. Any waste that is generated from others areas than Biology or if you have any questions regarding the disposal of waste or chemicals please contact Anthony Beachler, EH&S Biology at ext. 2448.

Laboratory Courses


CourseCourse Title
MIC 201L Basic Microbiology
MIC 300L Microbial Structures and Functions
MIC 301L Germs and You
MIC 310L Applied Microbiology
MIC 320L Food Microbiology
MIC 410L Medical Bacteriology
MIC 415L Immuno-Serology
MIC 425L Medical Mycology
MIC 430L General Virology
MIC 444L Hematology
MIC 445L Immunohematology


CourseCourse Title
BIO 455L Recombinant DNA
BIO 499L Pharmceutical Laboratory Practices
BIO 560L Bacterial Physiology
BIO 565L Animal Tissue Culture
BIO 570L Cellular Immunity and Disease

For courses offered in the current quarter, please check the schedule of classes.


The CMB area has always pride itself as a resource center. Not only functioning as a great teaching and working area for students, but it also known for its resourcefulness and networking abilities. Through these efforts with local and state wide scientific companies, hospitals and laboratories we have received donations of various prepared media, powered media, chemicals, equipments and diagnostic kits. All of these donations are not entirely utilized by the CMB area. The biology department is welcome to stop by and check out our donations. View the newest donation list (XLS).

If your company would like to donate items to be used for educational purposes and receive a Acceptance of Gift letter from the department for official tax receipt of donations, please contact Eloise Pro at (909) 869-4080 or pdviggers@csupomona.edu


Please feel free to contact us if your company has an Educational Products Program that we can participate in or to list any full or part-time company job offerings.

Cellular Molecular Biology Resource Center
Instructional Support Technician
Pearl Viggers
Extension: (909) 869-4080
Email: pdviggers@csupomona.edu