College of Science

Course Recertification Policy and Procedure

The Seven Year Regulation

Courses more than seven years old may not be used as part of the graduate program of courses for the degree. The seven year regulation is state law (California Code of Regulations, Title 5).

Example: Suppose a course was taken in Fall Quarter 2002. If you add seven years to Fall Quarter 2002, you get Fall Quarter 2009. Therefore, this course expires at the start of Fall Quarter 2009. In other words, the student would have to graduate in Summer Quarter 2009 (or earlier) to use this course in the program.

Usually it is possible to petition to extend a course by one quarter (but never more than one quarter). Use the Graduate Academic Petition.

Under some circumstances, courses may be recertified. Below is the policy and procedure of the College of Science for recertifying such courses.

Recertification Policy and Procedure

The policy/procedure may be viewed below, or downloaded as a pdf file (2 pages; 17 KB)

It is the expectation of the College of Science that courses older than seven years will be repeated.


  1. In rare situations where graduate students are unable to complete the degree within seven years due to circumstances beyond their control, they may request recertification of coursework subject to the following conditions.
  2. The student must make a written request to the graduate coordinator, specifying courses to be recertified. The graduate coordinator must approve this request.
  3. The departmental graduate committee will determine the appropriate faculty member(s) to administer an examination covering course content.
  4. The examination may be oral or written. If an oral examination is administered, a recording must be made.
  5. No more than 12 total units of coursework may be recertified.
  6. No course older than nine years may be recertified. Courses older than nine years must be repeated.
  7. Only Cal Poly Pomona courses may be recertified. Courses transferred from other institutions may not be recertified.


  1. Student will consult with his/her graduate coordinator or graduate committee to determine a plan to recertify expired coursework. The plan should be conform to current college policy for recertification of courses.
  2. Graduate Coordinator will send a memo via the College Dean to the AVP of Research & Graduate Studies, with the following information:
    • Student must explain the circumstances as to why he/she was not able to finish the program within the time limit.
    • List the outdated coursework (include course title, units, quarter/year it was taken)
    • Explanation of how department will recertify outdated coursework
    • A copy of the college policy on recertification should be attached.
  3. If the request is approved by AVP of Graduate Studies, the department will then take necessary steps to validate outdated coursework for student.
  4. After student's coursework is validated, student must file a graduate academic petition for a time extension. This petition must be accompanied with a memo from the graduate coordinator, via the College Dean's approval, stating:
    • Results from the re-certification with a detailed list of the courses being recertified and the basis for recertification (repeat or exam). The details must include course title, units, and quarter/ year it was originally taken.
    • A specific statement of the time limit to complete the program.