College of Science

Supervisory Courses Registration Procedures

Beginning in the 2005/2006 academic year, the actual supervising professor must be listed as the instructor for all graduate supervisory courses. These courses include BIO 500, BIO 691, BIO 692, BIO 693, BIO 694, and BIO 696. Please use the following procedure to register for graduate supervisory courses.

  1. All graduate students desiring to take one or more supervisory courses should obtain the goldenrod (dark yellow) form titled “Application for Enrollment in Graduate Supervisory Courses” from the Biological Sciences Department Office. This form has been revised so please read it carefully!
  2. Each graduate student will work with his or her supervising professor to fill in all the information on the goldenrod form except the CRN and SECTION NUMBER, which will be determined by the department schedulers. Remember that BIO 500, BIO 691, BIO 692, BIO 694, and BIO 696 can be taken for 1, 2, or 3 units. When enrolling for any of these variable-unit courses, students must indicate the number of units on the form immediately below the description of work to be performed. BIO 693 is a 1-unit course.
  3. During the pre-registration period, graduate students who are not enrolling in any courses other than supervisory courses should register for one section of BIO 691 to avoid paying late registration fees. For this purpose, enroll in the single BIO 691 section that is listed in the printed class schedule. Students who are registering for other courses in addition to supervisory courses should not register for any supervisory courses during pre-registration.
  4. Students must return the completed form to the Department Office no later than 1 pm on the third day of classes. We will then use the information on the completed forms to add appropriate sections with supervising professors listed as instructors into the online class schedule. All sections will be entered by the end of the third day of classes.
  5. Beginning on the fourth day of classes, students will be able to register for the appropriate courses and sections using the normal BroncoDirect Online Registration procedure. We will post a list of all supervisory courses in the Biological Sciences Department Office on the fourth day of classes to assist students with the new procedure. Students must register through BroncoDirect to be enrolled in the supervisory courses.
  6. For variable-unit courses, students must register for the section that has the appropriate supervising professor listed as the instructor and has the appropriate number of units (1, 2, or 3). THIS IS A SLIGHT CHANGE IN THE PROCEDURE FOR THE WINTER 2006 QUARTER. IF YOU WISH TO TAKE MULTIPLE UNITS OF A VARIABLE-UNIT COURSE, REGISTER FOR THE SINGLE SECTION THAT IS WORTH THE NUMBER OF UNITS YOU WISH TO TAKE. DO NOT REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE SECTION OF THE COURSE.
  7. Students who registered for a section of BIO 691 during pre-registration to avoid paying late registration fees should re-register for that unit of BIO 691 using the appropriate section number for their supervising professor. The general BIO 691 section used during pre-registration will be cancelled after the sixth day of classes.

Thanks for your patience while implementing this new procedure. Please contact Dr. Sperry or Ruth Partlow in the Biological Sciences Department Office or Dr. Carlton if you have any questions about the new procedure.