The Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies (PABS)

Master of Biotechnology: a joint program between Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State LA and Cal State Fullerton

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THE PROGRAM IN APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY STUDIES (PABS) MASTER OF BIOTECHNOLOGY: The PABS Master of Biotechnology degree program will not accept new students for Fall 2015 or any time thereafter. Currently-enrolled students are expected to complete their degree by the end of the 2016 academic year.

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The PABS Master of Biotechnology is a Professional Science Master's degree program that prepares graduates for challenging and rewarding careers in biomedical device, biocomputing and biopharmaceutical industry. The Program is an innovative collaborative effort between three California State University Campuses: Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Los Angeles, and Cal Poly Pomona. This multi-campus model allows students to benefit from faculty expertise and educational resources at each of the member campuses. Departments involved at these campuses include Chemistry, Biological Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science and Business. Each campus will offer at least one core course and one set of advanced courses. The CSU's professional science master's degree programs were featured as the most advanced in the nation at the National Governor's Association Professional Science Master's Academy held in June 2008 in Sacramento. The PABS-MBt has been recognized as a Professional Science Masters program in all of its six discipline areas by the Council of Graduate Schools.

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