Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (CEMaST)

Steps to the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science or Mathematics at Cal Poly Pomona

Candidates must submit their university application as a graduate student seeking a teaching credential online at Cal State Apply

Credential Program ApplicationComplete the online credential application form by the established deadline. There is a $25 application processing fee.  Payments can be made to the Cashier’s Office or via BroncoDirect.

GPA:  Candidates will need at least a 2.67 GPA in all baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate coursework or a GPA of at least 2.75 in the last 60 semester units attempted.  If your GPA is below the minimum requirements a Statement of Exceptional Admission is required.

Certificate of Clearance (Application and Fingerprints): A copy of a Certificate of Clearance document granted by the California Commissions on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) must be submitted as part of the Program Admissions process.  A California Teaching Credential or Emergency Permit may be submitted in lieu of the Certificate of Clearance.  The issuance date must not exceed 5 years.  A copy of your document can be downloaded and printed from the CTC website within 60 days of your application submission.

Basic Skills Requirements:  All applicants must submit proof of passage of the Basic Skills Requirement by the deadline. There are several options available to fulfill this requirement on the CTC website.  Please visit California Educator Credentialing Assessment (CBEST) for more information.

Subject Matter Competence:  Subject Matter Competency is required of all students prior to program admission.   Please refer to California Credentialing Assessment. All candidates must verify Subject Matter Competency through a) passing the appropriate CSET, or b) a CTC approved waiver program with prescribed coursework.  Students having completed 80% of prescribed coursework in an approved waiver program may petition for admission by having previous coursework evaluated and approved by the appropriate Faculty Advisor.  Your Advisor has the required form.  Score results remain valid for 10 years from the time each subtest is passed (after April 1, 2017). Please contact the Single Subject Credential Analyst with any questions.   For FREE CSET prep resources go to Resources for Prospective STEM Teachers page .

Early Field Experience (EFE):  Prior to admission into the Credential Program, each credential candidate must have participated in supervised Early Field Experience (EFE).  This experience must have taken place within the last three years and must consist of at least 45 clock hours of paid or volunteer experience.  Submit the Early Field Experience Verification form with Credential Program Application.

TB Clearance:  A current Negative TB Test (offered at Student Health Center) or x-ray is required.  TB clearance is valid for four years and must remain valid throughout Clinical Practice.

US Constitution Requirement:  If you are a CSU graduate, you have already met this requirement.   All other candidates:  Completion of a course with a “C” or better (at least two semester units or three quarter units) in the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution or equivalent test.   NOTE:   This requirement is NOT required for Program Admissions, but must be met at the time of applying for an Intern Credential, or for the Preliminary Credential upon program completion.  

Student Program Plan:  Candidates will meet with their assigned Faculty Advisor to complete a Student Program Plan.

Academic and Experience with Youth Recommendations:  Two recommendations are required (valid for 1 year).  One recommendation must be completed by a University or College Professor who has been your instructor and one by a professional who has directly observed your work/interaction for a minimum of 20 hours experience with youth in group settings levels TK-12.

Statement of Purpose:  In a thoughtful and well-constructed essay, discuss the personal and professional qualities you possess that will enable you to become an effective teacher in a multicultural classroom and your expectations of the Credential Program to further develop those attributes. A form is provided for your use on the Admission Forms page.  All statements must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point in Times New Roman font, signed, and dated. This statement is assessed to determine if you can write in an academic and professional manner; your commitment to teaching all children; and your professional disposition and understanding of teaching in the public schools. 

Program Admission Interview:  All credential candidates will participate in a group interview.  Candidates will be contacted by the Credential Services Office to schedule an interview after submitting the Credential application and supporting documents.

Credential Coursework
Course Number Course Title
EDU 5010 (3) Foundations of Teaching and Learning
EDU 5020 (3) Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society
EDU 5200 (3) Secondary Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
EDU 5302 (3) Educating Students with Disabilities in Diverse Settings
EDU 5205 (3) Secondary Curriculum and Methods
EDU 5210 (3) Teaching Secondary English Learners
EDU 5215 (3) Models of Secondary Instruction
EDU 5220 (3) Building Relationships with Youth, Families and Communities
Complete and submit the Clinical Practice application form by the established deadline.

Directed Teaching Coursework
Course Number Course Title
EDU 5260 (8) Single Subject Clinical Practice
EDU 5262 (1) Single Subject Seminar
EDU 5280 (3) Teaching Performance Assessment for Secondary Teachers

Complete and submit the Credential Recommendation Form.

Complete the CSU Exit Survey.

Please contact CEMaST to schedule an advising appointment at (909) 869-4063.

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