College of Science

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Tingting Chen: cyber-security, wireless networks, data privacy, health informatics

Dr. Mohammad Husain: systems and network security, security and digital forensics issues in embedded systems and cloud computing, security issues and social applications of smartphone, power-aware secure computing

Dr. Sampath Jayarathna: human-information interaction, biometrics and cybersecurity, information retrieval, machine learning and data mining, perception and eye tracking, cognitive science, digital library, ubiquitous computing

Dr. Hao Ji: monte carlo methods for big data analysis, large-scale linear algebra, high performance scientific computing

Dr. Robert W. Kerbs: multi-media, game development, computer graphics, data / information visualization, data mining, human-computer interaction

Dr. Ryan McCune: distributed and parallel graph processing, network science, data mining

Dr. Amar Raheja: digital image processing, wavelets, medical imaging, applications of soft computing methods (neural networks and genetic algorithms) and biomedical informatics

Dr. Craig A. Rich: computability and complexity theory, language recognition and translation, networking and distributed computing, information security and authentication, algorithm design and analysis

Dr. Salam Salloum: fault tolerant computing, computer architecture (computer arithmetic, sorting network, interconnection network), algorithm design, software engineering, database theory & design, information security

Dr. Daisy F. Sang: algorithm design, graph embedding, distributed computing, web applications

Dr. Mandayam Srinivas: algorithm design, data structures, scientific computing, emerging trends & frontiers of computing, use of information technology to enhance learning

Dr. Yu Sun: software engineering, cloud computing, mobile computing, software entrepreneurship

Dr. Daisy Tang: robotics, AI, human-robot interaction, machine learning, multi-agent systems, educational robotics

Dr. Lan Yang: parallel and distributed computing, object-oriented software engineering, computer architecture, network storage management

Dr. G. S. Young: parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, parallel computer architecture, supercomputing, scheduling, combinatorial optimization