College of Science

Graduate Student Library

The Computer Science Graduate Student Library, funded by Graduate Differential Fees from state budget, is established in Fall Quarter 2007. The purpose of this library is to support graduate students on their research or thesis project with specialized books, publications, software, and equipment based on their mini-grant applications. 

The CS Graduate Library is located in the CS Department, Building 8, ground floor, room 49. All library items and their availability will be updated and posted below on this web site.

Check Out 

To check out library materials, the student must be currently enrolled. Please download a PDF check-out form here or get a copy from the Computer Science Department office in 8-49. When an item in the library is unavailable, you can place a hold on that item so that you will be notified when the item becomes available. Please send all requests to the Graduate Coordinator Dr. Salam Salloum.

Loan Period 

The loan period is 30 days and can be renewed for at most 3 times if the item is not recalled. When a student successfully completes thesis defense, the borrowing item(s) must be returned within a week in order to receive his/her culminating experience report. 


To renew items, you can do it either by email or in person. However, if there are lost and overdue items, they must be replaced or returned prior to new renewals or check out. 

Overdue and Missing Items 

For lost, stolen, or damaged items, the student is responsible for the replacement for each item. Failure to return borrowed materials to the department in a timely manner could result in a hold being placed on registration or diploma. 

Library Items and their availability 

  1. Garmin GPS Sensor with nRoute and City Select Navigation Software (available)
  2. Garmin MapSource Topo U.S. 2008 (available)
  3. MATLAB & Simulink Student Version Release 2007a - Mac (NOT available)
  4. MATLAB & Simulink Database Toolbox Add-On (NOT available)
  5. MATLAB & Simulink Neural Network Toolbox Add-On (NOT available)
  6. PC Laptop (available)
  7. Software Testing, 2nd Edition, Paul C. Jorgensen, CRC Press, 2002 (NOT available)

Items 3, 4, and 5 will become available on 3/14/08.
Item 7 will become available on 3/14/08.