College of Science

Minor in Data Science

Program Description:

The minor in Data Science from the Department of Computer Science is open to all undergraduates in any major at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The program offers a core foundation in data science and trains students in competencies to work with big data using computational and statistical techniques and tools as well as applying models and algorithms. 

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the minor in Data Science, students are expected to

  • gain the knowledge of processing data, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions from data;
  • learn various data analysis methods and modern computing techniques for dealing with big data; and
  • conduct a research project and apply data science to real-life problems.

Course Information:

  1. Foundation Courses (9 units)
    • STA1200 Statistics with Applications (3)
    • MAT2240 Elementary Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (3)
    • CS1260 Python for Beginners (3)
  2. Core Courses (9 units)
    • CS2990 Fundamental of Data Science (3)
    • CS4650 Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing (3)
    • CS4990 Machine Learning and Its Applications (3)
  3. Electives (9 units -- choose from the following lists)
    • CS4200 Artificial Intelligence (3)
    • CS4350 Database Systems (3)
    • CS4990 GPU Programming (3)
    • CS4990 Web Search and Recommender Systems (3)
    • A list of approved courses from other programs including but not limited to
      • CIS4321 Data Mining (3)
      • CIS3454 Data Warehousing (3)
      • CE4331/4331L - GIS Applications in Engineering and Remote Sensing (3)
      • IME4140 - Data Analysis: Application in Industrial and Systems Engineering (3)
      • GEO4430/4430L - Quantitative Spatial Analysis (2)
  4. Capstone Project (2 units)
    • CS4610 Senior Project (1)
    • CS4620 Senior Project (1)