College of Science

Minor in Data Science

Program Description:

The minor in Data Science from the Department of Computer Science is open to all undergraduates in any major (including CS majors) at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

  • The program offers a core foundation in data science and trains students in competencies to work with big data using computational and statistical techniques and tools as well as applying models and algorithms. 
  • The program enages students in the professional practice of data science with job titles such as data scientist and data analytics.
  • The program promotes interdisciplinary studies by applying data science concepts to a broad range of disciplines including but not limited to science, engineering, business and social sciences.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the minor in Data Science, students will acquire:

  • knowledge and skills of processing data, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions from data;
  • an ability to apply data analysis methods and modern computing techniques for dealing with big data; and
  • an ability to conduct big data analytics projects and apply data science to real-life problems across a broad range of disciplines.

Course Information:

  1. Foundation Courses (9 units)
    • One course in Statistics: STA1200 Statistics with Applications (3) or equivalent
    • One course in College Algebra: MAT1050 College Algebra (3) or equivalent
    • One course in computer programming: CS1260 Python for Beginners (3) or CS2520 Python for Programmers (3) or equivalent
  2. Core Courses (9 units)
    • CS2410 Fundamental of Data Science (3)
    • CS4210 Machine Learning and Its Applications (3)
    • CS4650 Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing (3)
  3. Electives (9 units -- choose 3 from the following approved list) 
CS courses
    • CS4200 Artificial Intelligence (3)
    • CS4250 Web Search and Recommender Systems (3)
    • CS4350 Database Systems (3)
Business courses
    • CIS4321 Data Mining (3)
    • CIS3454 Data Warehousing (3)
    • CIS4680 Advanced Data Analysis (3)
Engineering courses
    • CE4331/4331L GIS Applications in Engineering and Remote Sensing (3)
    • IME4140 Data Analysis: Application in Industrial and Systems Engineering (3)
CLASS courses
    • GEO3220/3220L GIS Programming and Application (3)
    • GEO4050/4050L Geodemographics with GIS (3)
    • GEO4100/4100L Remote Sensing of the Environment (3)
    • GEO4400/4400L Advanced GIS (3)
    • GEO4430/4430L - Quantitative Spatial Analysis (3) 
  1. Capstone project in data science: (2 units)
    • CS4610: Senior project (1)
    • CS4620: Senior project (1)