College of Science

Bronco Card Door Access System

General Information

Access to certain doors in Bldgs 3 and 4 is controlled using Bronco ID cards.

Request Access

    • Faculty/Staff - Please contact: Sharon Cruise, ISAII  at -909.869.5362 (After 11.8.19 Contact Deans Office - COS) Sharon is retiring 12.30.19 last date of work 11.8.19
    • Students:  fill out Bronco Card Access Form DSX.Student.Bronco.Card.Access.Form.COS.pdf, have faculty/dept chair sign, then dept coordinator scans-emails request, to:  BID No, printed name, purpose of request, Bldg/room, full date-i.e. 00/00/0000.
    • Visitors: Faculty/Staff/Student Visitors, those that left CSU and are returning for various reasons will need to fill out the "Request for IT Services Affiliate" Form.  FIll out the form sign/date, have faculty you are working for, sign/date and take form to IT for processing.  Once IT has given you new BID card and email address.  Copy of this form, and Student Access form will be given to Dept. Coordinator, who scans the forms and emails to Sharon Cruise, in order to give you access.







Toggle Info

 faculty and staff are set up for toggle on lab and classrooms, NOT open during business hours.  Contact Sharon Cruise,, for toggle access.


Toggle Instructions:

  • To unlock door, swipe your card once and wait 5 seconds to make sure LED stays green on card reader. Swiping more than once may cause software to lock up.
  • The door will remain unlocked until you swipe your card again when you leave the classroom.
  • Please remember to lock the door when you leave by swiping your card, waiting 5 seconds, and making sure LED turns red.


SIGNS: New Card Reader Instruction Signs were placed near Card Reader Bldg 3 and 4. Please follow the instructions.