Learning Assistant Program

Cal Poly Pomona PhysTEC Project

The main objective of the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Targeted PhysTEC proposal is to increase the number of physics graduates who pursue a career in high school physics teaching. There is a great need for highly qualified high school physics teachers, particularly in the very diverse community of Southern California, and we believe that nothing motivates undergraduate students to consider a teaching career more than a genuine classroom teaching experience. To achieve this goal we propose the following activities:

  • Recruiting physics majors to the secondary teaching credential program
  • Early teaching experiences via a Learning Assistant (LA) model
  • Provide advising and support for students interested in secondary physics teaching credential
  • Team teaching and collaborative relationships among education and physics faculty in offering credential courses

LA Program

We recruit talented physics and engineering majors who have completed the introductory physics sequence to serve as Learning Assistants (LAs) in those same courses, and in our K-8 physical science teacher education course (SCI 210). This early teaching experience is intended to inspire students to choose teaching as a profession early. Three elements of LA program include:

  • Early teaching experience
  • Instructional planning
  • Weekly LA seminar course

Download the office hour schedule for the LAs in the current quarter.

List of Student Assistants for Fall 2013