College of Science

SEMINAR: Alba Alfonso-García [UC Irvine]

Targeting lipids with nonlinear microscopy

Oct 22, 2015 11:00 AM to Oct 22, 2015 12:00 PM at Building 8, Room 241

Lipids are crucial biomolecules for the well being of humans. Altered lipid metabolism can give rise to a variety of diseases that affect multiple parts of our bodies: from the cardio- vascular to the central nervous system. A deeper understanding of lipid metabolism would spur medical research towards developing more precise diagnostic tools, treatment methods, and even preventative techniques for reducing the impact of lipid related diseases. Our mission is to develop methods to examine different kinds of lipids and observe their behavior within cells, tissues, or entire organisms. In this talk, I will explain how we achieve this goal by means of coherent Raman scattering microscopy, a nonlinear microscopy technique that allows imaging of biological samples in the gentlest possible manner. In particular, I will talk about detecting lipids in cells utilizing deuterated Raman probes, in tissues by means of hyperspectral scanning and multivariate analysis, and in entire organisms such as C. elegans.

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