College of Science

Seminar: Douglas Watson [Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP]

How I Became An Astrophysicist: An Unconventional Path

Oct 26, 2017 11:00 AM to Oct 26, 2017 12:00 PM at Building 8 room 241

In the late 90s a profound discovery was made: a mysterious “dark energy” was causing the expansion of the Universe to accelerate. However, instead of charging off to graduate school to study the mysteries of the Universe, I was trying to adapt to life as a professional soccer player in Santiago, Chile. In this talk I will walk you through my unconventional path to becoming an Astrophysicist. I will also discuss my research efforts that have focused on tackling some of the biggest problems in the complex field of galaxy formation. Finally, I will share my experience teaching Astronomy at a college serving underrepresented students from inner-city Chicago neighborhoods. The lessons I have learned from my unique trajectory help me to deeply connect with students on an individual basis and allow me to help them pursue the myriad opportunities provided to Physics and Astronomy students beyond college.

10:50 a.m. Refreshments

11:00 a.m. Seminar starts

Location 8-241

For further information, please call (909) 869-4031