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Remington Sexton

Remington Sexton

I am entering my fourth year of my Ph.D. program at UC Riverside. My research involves constraining the mysterious relation between the mass of extra-galactic supermassive black holes and the stellar velocity dispersion of their host galaxies. I am currently modeling a sample of Narrow-Line Seyfert I galaxies using Hubble Space Telescope data to determine their structural morphology, and in doing so, determine if these galaxies make suitable hosts for low-mass central black holes. I have also had the chance to obtain spectra of these galaxies using the Keck Telescopes in Hawaii. I hope to graduate within the next couple years and hopefully continue my research in academia, or make lots of money analyzing financial data. 

Remington Sexton Research Picture

(Top left) Hubble Space Telescope imagery of a candidate Narrow-Line Seyfert I galaxy, (top right) a model of the light distribution of the galaxy produced using GALFIT, (bottom left) the residuals of the galaxy model subtracted from the HST data, (bottom right) surface brightness as a function of radius for the data, model, and sub-components that make up the light distribution of the galaxy.

Updated May 2016