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Shane Hall

After I left Cal Poly I joined a startup in Los Angeles that made chat and IM software (Userplane). I spent a few years there, originally helping our customers integrate our software and eventually moving into a product management role and ultimately running the product and support teams. The company was acquired by AOL so I transitioned there for a brief period, also as a product manager, running a small team (5 engineers, 1 designer) that built some AIM software. Since then I've had a couple of different jobs running product teams of increasing size for Myspace, Zynga (I moved to SF 4 years ago) and then joined another startup where I was the head of product and ran product management, design, community management, user research and analytics.

I found that what I really love to do is build teams and work with them to build things (software). It's gives me the right blend of technical problem-solving and team leadership that keeps me learning and intellectually stimulated.

My physics education at Cal Poly was instrumental in developing the technical aptitude, problem solving skills and rigorous attention to detail that has allowed me to succeed in the somewhat disparate field of software development. I also found the senior classes focused around public speaking / presenting to be really helpful given a lot of my job is communicating technical details to various audiences.

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Updated March 2015