College of Science

Adrian Ortiz

Adrian in the lab to test some fiber optic biosensors.

Adrian is a biotechnology major who has been participating in fiber optic biosensor research in the last year. Adrian, under the supervision of Dr. Ertan Salik, received Kellogg Undergraduate Scholars Award (KUSP) to work fiber optic sensors for sensing the presence of E. coli O157:H7 bacteria in food samples.

As a Biotechnology student, I have been able to utilize all aspects of my major in Dr. Salik's lab. I collaborate with a diverse group of labmates, which made me see the world outside biology. Fabticating tapered fiber sensors, functionalizing them for biosensing, and culturing bacteria all give me opportunities to expand my skills and see the real worl problems that I might encounter in my future career, such as ones in medical diagnosis and food safety.