College of Science

Matthew Witt

Matthew Witt, a Physics and Astronomy student

Matthew Witt works in Dr. Ertan Salik's lab. His main responsibility is to fabricate microfluidics channels for biological sensing. Matthew started working in Salik Research Lab when he was a freshman at Cal Poly Pomona.

I make microfluidic channels to flow liquids past the optical fiber biosensors, which has applications in healthcare and food safety. Working in a research lab and being able to contribute to a very important field such as healthcare is very exciting.

Currently, we are using microfludics and fiber optic sensing to test for dangerous bacteria in food samples. However, the applications are not limited to just these. The sensor system can also be used to detect many other anaytes (toxins, viruses, DNA) that it has been functionalized to detect.

In order to make microfluidic channels we use a material called PDMS. We mix, sonicate, heat, plasma treat.. A lot of practical skills. The physics of microfluidic flow is very interesting.

A microfluidic channel made from PDMS