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Learn your advisor / advisee for the current quarter:

Open Advisor/Advisee List 

(Opens in a new window as a spreadsheet, select Find Advisees or, Find Advisor sheet, and find your name.)


IMPORTANT: Students Please Read Information Below on Advising during Spring 2020

Students who need advising for Fall and Summer 2020 courses are allowed to come to campus to speak to their advisor upon mutual arrangement.   That is, this can happen if, and only if, both the student and the faculty member are comfortable doing so.  Please use current practices for social distancing if you plan on doing this.

If students want to do advising by phone or email, please make arrangements with your advisor to do that.    If you wish to do this via email, then

  • Attach your latest unofficial transcript for the advisor to study and include this in the email to the advisor.
  • Make a list of the physics courses you wish for the Summer and Fall 2020 terms.
  • The advisor will inform the department office staff by email that she/he has advised the student (you).  Email to
  • The office staff (Caroli)  will then approve the advising plan and remove the department advising hold.   


NOTE:   All advising forms and resources are available here. .   Any comments by the advisor via email will be captured and placed in the student files.