RISE Intensive Undergraduate

The RISE Intensive-Undergraduate program targets students for participation in their junior/senior years. The goal is to prepare Cal Poly students in the areas necessary in order to become competitive for acceptance into PhD programs in the biomedical sciences.

This is to ensure that rising juniors and seniors begin to master laboratory techniques and perform research in biomedical-related laboratories. The research Intensive phase provides the students with training in a specific field of study dictated by the area of research of their chosen Faculty Research Mentor (FRM). The program places Cal Poly Pomona students in research laboratories primarily at Cal Poly Pomona. Participation also entails the formal training of students with regard to poster and oral presentations of scientific results, grant writing, comprehension of scientific literature and performance on the GRE (Graduate Record Examination).

Students accepted in the program are awarded a stipend as follows:

  • Summer - $12/hr x 40hrs of work/wk x 10 wks = $4800/student maximum
  • Academic Year - $12/hr x 16hrs of work/wk x 39 wks= $7488/student maximum
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