Application Requirements

Application requirements differ by program level. 

Undergraduate Intensive Application Requirements: Minimum 2.80 (preferably 3.0) CPP and 3.00 Science GPAs; a statement of intent demonstrating their interest in pursuing a PhD in biomedical research; two letters of recommendation from faculty; submission of their academic transcripts; fulltime student status as sophomores or juniors.

Graduate Intensive Application Requirements: Graduate applicants must have a B.S. degree in STEM major; minimum undergraduate GPA 2.80 (preferably 3.0) and Science GPA of 3.00; a statement of intent demonstrating their strong interest in pursuing a PhD in biomedical research; two letters of recommendation from faculty; some previous participation in an undergraduate research project either as part of a course or in a research laboratory; official undergraduate transcripts; fulltime student status.

Note: The RISE Invitation Program will be offered in 2019. Check back here later in the year for updates about applications for the RISE Invitation program.

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