Objectives and Milestones

Objective 1) Increase Research-Specific Skills and Knowledge needed to become independent researchers

Milestone 1) All students will complete an independent research project, be competent in reading and understanding primary scientific literature and presen their results at local and/or national meetings

Objective 2) Increase student confidence in achieving their doctoral degree by integrating Mentoring, Advisement and Communities of Practice

Milestone 2) 80% of students will apply to and be accepted into a PhD program at an RO1 institution

Objective 3) Deepen student and family awareness of their career options through Career Discovery and Role Modeling

Milestone 3) All students will gain the support of their family to pursue their academic goal of obtaining an advanced degree, with an increased understanding of the challenges and benefits associated with achieving that goal

Objective 4) Achieve competency in Research-Complementary Professional Skills

Milestone 4) All students will achieve minimum GRE scores of 50% and preferably closer to 60%; all students will practice scientific ethics in their research; all students' scientific writing skills will have improved to the extent that their writing will be lucid and well organized

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