Exploring Stem Cells Through Dance

Supported by a CSUPERB Programmatic Grant for development of Cross-Disciplinary Curriculum, Cal Poly Pomona faculty and students have joined together to present “Exploring Stem Cells Through Dance”. The dance will present basic information about the different types of stem cells and their differentiation into mature cell types. This performance is a modern dance interpretation of the Stem Cell Video Module developed as part of the Cal Poly Pomona/CSULA CIRM Stem Cell Bridges Training Grant. Modern dance is an abstract art form that refers to and reflects ideas, rather than literally re-enacting events.  We hope that by using modern dance, we have created a performance art piece that will be interesting and thought-provoking for both scientists and non-scientists.

Click on the link below to view the dance performance:

"Exploring Stem Cells Through Dance"

If you are experiencing problems with the above link, view the video on YouTube.