Application Requirements

Application Requirements

  • Your overall GPA must be a 3.0 or above.
  • You must have completed at least three of the courses listed below, before the research internship begins, or their equivalents, with a B or better.

    Cal Poly Pomona

    • BIO 310 Molecular and Cell Biology
    • BIO 450 Concepts of Molecular Biology
    • BIO 451/451L Molecular Biology Techniques
    • BIO 455/455L Molecular Biology of Recombinant DNA
    • BIO 570/570L Cellular Immunity and Disease
    • MICR415/415L Immunology and Serology
    • BIO465/465L Stem Cell Biology
    • BIO 565/565L Animal Tissue Culture

    Cal State L.A.

    • BIOL 380 Cell Biology OR CHEM 431 ABC Biochemistry
    • BIOL 413 Molecular Diagnostics
    • BIOL 416 Molecular Genetics
    • BIOL 417 Principles of Gene Manipulation
    • BIOL 519 Genetic Engineering Laboratory
    • MICR 304 Immunology and Serology
    • MICR 450 Innate Immunity
    • BIOL 481 Basic Cell Culture Theory and Techniques (required)
  • It is your responsibility to request official transcripts from all previous post-secondary educational institutions to be mailed directly to the address below.
  • An unofficial electronic copy of your transcripts needs to be sent to
  • You must also have three letters of recommendation in an electronic form as an attachment (pdf on letterhead required) sent by your recommenders to Hard copies of the letters must also be sent to the address below.
  • Also, send official transcript documents to the address below:

Airan Jansen, Program Administrator
Department of Biological Sciences
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA  91768