Undergraduate Student Bridges Alumni

Stem Cell Internship Research Topic, Mentor and Year of Internship


Matthew Christensen

Expansion and characterization of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Mentors:   Karen Aboody, M.D.; Margarita Gutova, M.D., City of Hope

Julio Sanchez

TALEN-mediated GFP gene insertion into the HB9 locus

Mentor: Jiing-Kuan Yee, Ph.D., City of Hope

Angela Beal

Depletion of POT1a promotes Thymic Cell Lymphoma formation in mice

Mentor: Eros Lazzerini Denchi Ph.D., Scripps 

Erick Ramirez

Cloning and large scale production of lentiviral vectors for HIV gene therapy

Mentors: John Rossi, Ph.D.; Ulrike Jung, Ph.D., City of Hope

Gloria Hernandez

Small molecule screen in zebrafish and mouse chondrocytes for new regulators of endochondral ossification

Mentor: Gage DeKoeyor Crump, Ph.D., USC

Tri Dang

DNA repair and DNA demethylation

Mentor: Timothy O'Connor, Ph.D., City of Hope

Ethan Chen

The search for the true identity of breast cancer stem cells

Mentor: Peter Lee, M.D., City of Hope


George Freedman

Elucidating the gene regulatory network underlying T-cell commitment

Mentor: Ellen Rothenberg, Ph.D., Cal Tech

Greg Varuzhanyan

Using the muscle stem cell marker PAX7 to measure mitochondrial domains in skeletal muscle

Mentor: David Chan, Ph.D., CalTech

Ha Vu

Investigation of FGFs signals within the Drosophila germline stem cells' niche

Mentor: Angelike Stathopoulos, Ph.D., CalTech

Victoria Bendersky

Validation of shRNA Knockdown of Genes Related to Microcephaly

Mentor: Ulrich Mueller, Ph.D., Scripps

Michaela Lizhar

Assembly of SOX17 targeting TALE proteins to influence gene expression in human pluripotent cells

Mentor: Arthur D. Riggs, Ph.D, City of Hope

Hani Sapili

In vitro platelet differentiation from human embryonic stem cells

Mentor: Jiing-Kuan Yee, Ph.D., City of Hope

Brenda Wilson

Development of T Cells with a HER2 directed chimeric antigen receptor for the treatment of brain tumors

Mentor: Christine E. Brown, Ph.D., City of Hope


Giselle Blanco

Optimizing the Differentiation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from hESC

Mentor: Doug Ethell, Ph.D., Western University of Health Sciences

Elizabeth Hovhannessian

Dual-targeting small interfering RNAs as potent inhibitors for HIV-1 replication

Mentor: John Rossi, Ph.D., City of Hope

Jihyun Irizarry

Fibroblast Growth Factor Signaling during Drosophila Ovarian Morphogenesis

Mentor:  Angelike Stathopoulos, Ph.D., CalTech

John Sanchez

IKKα is a Potential Regulator of MeCP2 Activity

Mentor: Paul Patterson, Ph.D., Caltech

Danilo Aurelio

Understanding why hESC undergo cell death following enzymatic dissociation to single cells in an effort to develop improved systems for single cell passaging hESC

Mentor: Mentor: Victoria Fox, PhD., USC

Arash Houshmast

Developing a Strategy for Direct Conversion of Differentiated Adult Cells to Multipotent Neural Crest Cells

Mentor: Gage Crump, Ph.D., USC


Lindsay Peltz

Permanent epigenetic changes in HSCs after maternal immune activation

Mentor: Paul Patterson, Ph.D., Caltech

Victor Liao

Using the mRNA Transfection Method to reprogram human skin fibroblasts to hematopoietic multilineage blood progenitors that are capable of differentiating into mature erythrocytes

Mentor: Jing-Kuan Yee, Ph.D., City of Hope

Yu-Huey Lin

Mutations of Serine/Threonine phosphorylation sites on Twist1 Comprise Cellular Invasiveness in Breast Cancer Cells

Mentor: Carlotta Glackin, Ph.D., City of Hope

Eui Joon Park

End-Capping by Telomerase May Confer Genomic Stability to Stem Cells

Mentor: Adam Bailis, Ph.D., City of Hope

Yuan Han Teh

Mutations of highly conserved Serine and Threonine residues in Twist1 regulate its functions

Mentor: Carlotta Glackin, Ph.D., City of Hope

Su-Ting Huang

In situ hybridization to determine candidate genes expression patterns in Drosophila Melanogaster early embryos

Mentor: Angelike Stathopoulos, Ph.D., Caltech


Nadine Morgan

Ephrin-Bs & regulation of glioma neural SC growth

Mentor: Qiang Lu, Ph.D., City of Hope

Matthew Parkhurst

Protective effects of inducible p53 suppression in hematopoietic SCs during chemotherapy

Mentor: John Rossi, Ph.D., City of Hope

Kanomi Sasaki-Capela

Standardization of human pluripotent SC culture: A system for grading hESC colonies

Mentor: Victoria Fox, PhD., USC

Revathiswari Tirughana

Twist inhibition as a potential therapy to decrease invasiveness of glioma cells

Mentor: Carlotta Glackin, Ph.D., City of Hope