Undergraduate Students

Internship Overview

  • A 6 month full-time paid research internship ($2652/month ***STIPEND SUBJECT TO TAX) in a stem cell lab at City of Hope, Caltech, USC, The Scripps Institute or Western University of Health Sciences.
  • During the internship, the student keeps his/her status as a full-time student and receives unit credit for the research.
  • There are 3 positions available at CPP and 3 positions available at CSULA.
  • All interns participate in a 1-week Stem Cell Techniques Training course at the USC CIRM Shared Research Laboratory prior to starting their internships.
  • The interns are assigned both a research mentor from the institution in which they do their stem cell research and a CSU faculty mentor to guide them during their internships.
  • Upon completion of their internships, interns give talks on their research at a CPP/CSULA symposium.
  • Participants are chosen by a committee including faculty from both CPP and CSULA.
Student and Professor shaking hands