Southern California Shakespeare Festival

SCSF for  Season 16 is very excited to announce a virtual event of
Henry V going live on August 15 at 7:30pm
Join us LIVE on our YouTube Page!


HENRY V or The cronicle history of Henry the fifth, with his battell
fought at Agin Court in France... as told online in 5 parts
By William Shakespeare, Adapted by Josh Machamer 


Henry 5 

 “Men upon earth, as in the game at Chesse, supply different places: one is a King, another a Queene, another a Bishop, another a Knight, another a Pawne. But when the game is done, and they are shuffled into one bag; all are alike” - Thomas Adams

 Henry V by William Shakespeare portrays the story of a young King Henry V and an against-all-odds war with France. A battle between nations, fights for political power, portraits of leadership and espousals of national identity… a play ripe for our current times.

Henry V or The cronicle history of Henry the fift, with his battell fought at Agin Court in France... as told online in 5 parts is a streamlined version of Shakespeare’s original, produced by the Southern California Shakespeare Festival (SCSF). 11 actors, from Los Angeles to Northern California, Boston to New York to Ireland, and places in-between, will be performing multiple roles and utilizing their own close-to-home surroundings as the various backdrops for the story. Beyond just a simple online ’reading’ of the play, scenes will be pre-filmed, edited together and showcased online.

The show features the work of Linda Bisesti, SCSF’s Artistic Director; Josh Machamer, Director; Jack Adams, Composer and the following actors Daniel Boudreau, Rosie Brownlow, Eric Cotti, Stephanie Courtney, Larry Mayorquin, Jennifer Mcclinton, Matthew Reidy,  Robert Shields, Andrew Wilson, and Natalie Roy Wilson.




Stay tuned for access times and links!



 Year With Lear

SCSF’s  A Year with Lear, Season 16

The Southern California Shakespeare Festival, SCSF, hopes that you are well during this challenging time. As we have for the last 16 years, SCSF has been committed to producing multicultural, multi-ethnic Shakespeare for our diverse audiences. SCSF will continue to do so.

 King Lear directed by Dr. Baron Kelly for SCSF’s 17th Season will be fully produced in the summer of 2021. SCSF is excited to explore this masterpiece of universal themes with contemporary relevance.  For Season 16, we are in production for our A YEAR With LEAR series of virtual events, short films and activities, culminating with a reading of King Lear before our full production in August of 2021.  We are also pleased to announce SCSF is in production of the film Where Thou Dost Stay directed by Richard Pluim. Please join SCSF for A YEAR With LEAR. Stay tuned for more info!