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The Southern California Shakespeare Festival hopes that you are well and are staying safe during this challenging time. 

King Lear directed by Dr. Baron Kelly is slated for SCSF’s 16th Season. We are very excited to explore this masterpiece of universal themes with contemporary relevance.  SCSF’s Season 16 hopes for a fully produced season in summer 2020. The final decision will be made by May 31st due to COVID-19 and the University’s mandates.  Please revisit our website for SCSF’s announcements regarding the summer season and other news.

During Shakespeare’s time the notorious plague defined much of the Elizabethan’s world. Shakespeare continued to be the inspirational and prolific writer that he is known for writing during that difficult event.  You may find these thoughts on Shakespeare’s work below compelling.  We share this with you all and with thoughts of healing and getting back to live theatre being performed!

“Shakespeare’s King Lear berates his daughter Regan as “a plague-sore or embossed carbuncle / In my corrupted blood.” …When Shakespeare was in quarantine from the plague, William Shakespeare wrote King Lear. He had an advantage, of sorts: Shakespeare’s life was marked by plague. Just weeks after his baptism at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the register read, “Hic incepit pestis” …Here begins the plague. Mortality rates in the town were four times that of the previous, plague-free year. Shakespeare, the son of the town’s glover, survived it and many further outbreaks. Much of his work was composed, if not in lockdown, then in the shadow of a highly infectious disease without a known cure”. Read more in the NY Times.

Food for thought during our unprecedented times.

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Thank you for your continued support for SCSF.

Linda Bisesti
Professor Linda Bisesti/Head of Acting
Artistic Director, The Southern California Shakespeare Festival
Designated Linklater Voice Teacher