The Joseph Papp Initiative

The Joseph Papp Initiative is a goal, short term and long term - to bring Free Theatre to The School of Arts & Enterprise and the surrounding community of Pomona. Through our Free Professional Shakespeare partnership with The Southern California Shakespeare Festival, SCSF and Cal Poly Pomona and our annual Free Theatre for Young Audiences production The School of Arts & Enterprise Department of Theatre can give away over 600 FREE TICKETS to high quality productions.  But this is isn't the end goal - the long term options for The Joseph Papp Initiative are wide and varied, a call for arts to be accessible for all, never exclusionary always inclusionary. This conversation is just beginning...

How can YOU help? Join us for our Free Theatre Mission and help us make theatre (great theatre) accessible to everyone who deserves it - you can help us in one of three ways...

1) ATTEND A SHOW FOR FREE - Come see Professional Shakespeare for Free with The Southern California Shakespeare Festival's production of Comedy of Errors on 9/9/2017 at SAE. 7:00p.m. Curtain.

2) SPREAD THE WORD - Do you know people who love theatre? Do you know families who want to expose their kids to the power of live theatre? Then tell them...spread the word - this is more than initiative, this is more than a mission - it is a MOVEMENT.

3) SUPPORT IT - If you like this and want to help support, or open a dialogue for more information, share your thoughts or learn about its origins - email Phil Miller, Artistic Director, The School of Arts Enterprise at - and ask how you can. There are a lot of ways to support and we would love to open a dialogue and find partners for our new Free Theater Mission!