Robert Shields, Guest Alumni Actor

Robert Shields

Robert has been in the performing arts for the last seventeen years. Although predominantly an actor and director, Robert enjoys the technical aspects of performance and film working as a Master Electrician in Dracula (Cal Poly Pomona). Robert’s credits include Hamlet as the titular role (Southern California Shakespeare Festival), Macbeth as the titular role (Southern California Shakespeare Festival), Masc4Masc as Richard (Hollywood Fringe Festival), 177fox as Steve (Second City Hollywood), In Trump We Trust as Donald Trump u/s (Second City Hollywood). Directorial credits include Romeo and Juliet
(Southern California Shakespeare Festival), Feast (Hollywood Fringe Festival), Hamlet (SAE). Robert received a nomination for Best Actor (Red Dirt Film Festival) as the featured role in the recently released short film The Long Look Back shot on location in South Dakota . Robert holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Cal Poly Pomona and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program in Hollywood. He would like to thank his friends and family for their overwhelming support and his educators and mentors who taught him how to approach life and art.